[Suggestion] Multiple Control Groups for Units

In-line with the quality of life improvements we’ve all been loving with the new game, it’d be nice if we were able to assign a single unit multiple control groups to select it with. Consider the following example situations:

  1. I have a mixed army of archers and skirmishers assigned to a hotkey. To take the best fight against someone else’s ranged army, I’d like to quickly select just the skirmishers to move them in-front of my archers.

  2. I’m dark-age rushing with 3 militia and my scout. I’d like to select all 4 units to control them during the rush, but also select just my scout to run ahead and block a villager.

  3. I’m raiding an enemy with some knights split into two separate control groups. My ally needs some help so I’d like to pull them all back to fight defensively.

I realize there are currently a few more-or-less fast ways to select groups of units for these situations currently, but I don’t see harm in allowing a single unit to be selected via multiple control groups to handle cases like these. I’ve been loving the new hotkeys and interface improvements in DE, and I think this would be a fitting addition without changing gameplay too much.

I recognize the change in behavior might be confusing for some. Some folks would re-assign the control group expecting the previous one to be overwritten. Maybe we could have a specific hotkey to add a new control group without the overwriting behavior, and the reassign functionality would work as before. Alternatively we could make the behavior a toggle like some of the other UI changes like garrisoning and military/villager selection.

Thoughts, concerns, questions? What have I overlooked? Is this something that’s hard to implement given the game engine? I don’t see how this would be game-breaking or make the game too easy (auto everything :grin:) it just seems like it’d make some of this micromanagement a bit more attainable for everyone.

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