[suggestion] New Bonuses for some civs

After the last update, many of us think what changes would come in the future. But no one thought of minor details like tweaks to existing civs.
As we know that some civs have less bonuses than others. Here are my suggestions:


  • Increase HP of the walls, from 60% to 100%. To differentiate from the Babylonian bonus, which also applies to towers. Shang applies to walls only, it should be a little better.
  • Buildings have +2 LOS.


  • Exchange the villager speed bonus for a new bonus: 15% productivity to fishing. So that they do not have the same bonus as the Assyrians, and also based on Japanese from aoe2.


  • Cavalry obtains +15 HP in Bronze, +25 in Iron. To make up for the lack of Nobility, and they are one of the few civs to get Cataphracts.

(They actually have two bonuses: swordsmen with higher hitting speed and cheap buildings, the higher tower discount percentage, does not do it a third bonus.)

  • Swordsmen get +2 attack if they are within sight range of a Centurion. It is a bonus that affects swordsmen but requires us to improve a centurion, it better represents a Roman legion.

Well that’s it. Give me your opinions. Greetings!


I agree with most except Assyria they should receive siege related bonus such as +15-25% siege movement speed.