[suggestion] No-Ranked Game Finder

Hi everyone!
It seems good to me that we have a room finder to play. This is very useful. But, sometimes it happens to me that when entering a room, users take a long time to agree on how to play. Also, sometimes it happens that you enter a room and the host is AFK.
I understand that these are normal things, rather than creating a room or looking for one, it allows us to play as we want at that moment. But doesn’t it happen to you that sometimes you just want to play one game anyway? I was thinking of a game finder as “Ranked Matches” but to be “Unranked Matches” (or Quick Play).

Do any match me?


it would be good to have a special sound when the game is full, so as a host you don’t miss that moment.


I think there should definitely not be a second match finder for “unranked” matches. It would only serve to split up players and make both finders worse.


It is a good idea.

I do not think so. If you want to play ranked and improve your score you have the search engine. If you want to play something specific, you have the rooms. If you want to play casual you have the new option. But capable, if the operation of the rooms is improved, my suggestion is already avoided.

To me it would be just ranked matches

There isn’t enough player to full all options of play.


I agree with @EaglemutOP
For those who don’t want to rank, just don’t look at the rank.

If the match finder divides players, it will cause the game to die quickly. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time waiting to find matches.

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While I agree with @EaglemutOP Game is to small to support more than 1 Rank search engine. If you want to improve just host a game. Now a cool feature that we need is to have notifications of when your room is full and when you also find a game on rank as this is something we’re missing.

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I agree, the aoe3 community chat were going wild on release day…

Made a similar post elaborating on your concern here: (feel free to add your thoughts!!)