Suggestion of Aztec changes for better presentation of Aztec society and warrior culture

I belive that “Plaza” is redundant, since we have already a market, the “Plaza” is pretty much the same :V.

Cuachic and Skull warriors are the same, Cuachic = Shorn one = Skull knight, tought the visual representation is misleading since its depicted as the General.

I agree with @Xiuh7946, this is not related to any pop culture, it was a reality they did war for sacrifices, and as many cultures did different type of rituals. The most prominent obviously and famous was the hearth one.

As I said above here, we have 2 markets in some sense, while we dont have Church or fort. One “big” (temple) could act as both. Also I have to say that would be nice if some type of traditional (ritualistic) dancing was introduced, since some rituals did have some things like that (not like the original “cannibal” style dancing around a fire pit xD).


People want to nerf WP cause aztec plaza is unraidable and you want to garrison them??

If they add the temple idea at least keep unique to aztecs, Incas copied everything they had.

Or ¨Guerrillero¨, in Spanish would fit more for a Militia unit perhaps?