Suggestion on the Mayans

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I was wondering why the plumed archers doesn’t affected by the obsidian arrow unique tech?! Didn’t you find it weird that they didn’t get affected by their unique tech?! So this is one i suggest that they must get affected by it.

Second; the obsidian arrow is really strong, i suggest to make it imperial age tech instead of being castle age tech i think this will be better.

So what do you think?

Mayans are already in a good spot right now why we want better plumes for arguably best archer civ? Giving them obsidian arrow might broke their raiding ability imo

And El Dorado tech will be castle age tech? +40hp eagles would be hard to deal with in castle age.


I think it is ok since if it will be in the castle it will be hard to deal since in the castle age there are many things to spend eco on it, also if he want to research the +40 hp in the castle, he must have an eagle army so it will weaken the enemy eco so much and put him late to booming and also this tech cost is not cheap

It might make more sense to keep it in castle and just nerf the obsidian upgrade? Idk… it does seem a bit OP.

Or it could be worth a certain amount of bonus damage is castle, then automatically higher in Imp, so ultimately it’s the same strength, but not as strong in castle.

Anyway the whole point of the tech is so that mayan have more reasons to go normal archers, and unless either the tech or plume archers get nerfed into the ground, obsidian arrows would be way too effective on such a fast unit, even if it’s only in imperial age.


There is zero reason to buff mayans as they are already one of the top 5 civs in the game


I wouldn’t bother arguing with the OP… This is at least the 2nd ludicrous thread…

Who talking about buff?! If you mean the plum archer it is just question, actually i am talking about nerf

You are always understand things in the wrong way, what is new?!

Giving plumed archers obsidian arrows is s buff


No you didn’t understand, i was asking since the obsidian arrow is applied on archers it is weird that this didn’t include the pulm archer because it is archer!!! This is just all about.
I am actually want the +6 attack to be nerfed, at least by making it imp tech not castle, i think they should even make it +5 or +4 vs buildings not +6!!! And make the cost more expensive to research it.

and that means thry get el dorado in castle age? Buff.

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This will not change anything since the eldorado needs a good eco and full eagle upgrades to work well and that can’t be happen in the castle early or even in the mid, and it is so expensive or at least they should make it cost more and harder to research but the obsidian arrow is really need to be nerfed.

Then I wonder why all UTs that affect eagles are all imperial age techs?

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It is kinda weird that Obsidian Arrows only applies to archers and not plumed archers. Obsidian Arrows needs to be a castle age tech though. Trebuchets and better siege are available in imperial so there really isn’t any point to it by that stage in the game. If you want to nerf Obsidian Arrows, then stagger it to +4 in castle and +6 in imperial, or something like that.

Isn’t the first time that UTs and bonuses are thematically incomplete (BEs speed bonus not applies on Ballista elephants and Bersekergang not including all infantry), but for Obsidian arrows is true that a fast unit like Plumes would be unreasonably strong.


EL dorado in castle age lol, is even more broken


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Ffs just try and understand what these people are saying… You are so horribly mistaken about ao many things…

Do more :joy: imoji and win a cheese cake with us. You completly dumb to understand this in wrong way, i was tallking about nerf and you are talking about buff!!! If you think the 40+ hp for the eagle is more dangerous than +6 attack vs buildings in the castle age then you are completely fool, if the +3 attack for saracens archers was not dangerous then the devs will not remove it and make it +1 each age starting in feudal!!! Then how about +6 ?!

Eagles are dirt cheap, costing only 20F (and 50G, but the food cost is the most important). They already tank arrows with their 3 pierce armor. +40 hp on eagles would give eagle warriors 95 hp. With their base atk and +3 bonus atk vs cavalry, they’ll only barely lose to a 120 hp knight in a 1v1. Same goes for longswords. Neither of their counters counter them anymore and in both cases, it’s not a cost effective trade vs the EW. So yes, a +40 hp eagle in castle age is way more dangerous than the +6 atk vs buildings for archers. You do not want El Dorado to be available in the Castle Age.