Suggestion: One-View Tech Tree

Since there are quite a lot civs now and it’s hard to keep an overview I would like to make a suggestion that I want to discuss with you guys. Maybe you’re having other thoughts that my idea can benefit from. Personally I think it’s hard to catch up on the civ that fast while playing. My suggestion is only meant as a supplement. It shall not replace the current tech tree since it’s a more detailled one. The idea should help new players but also experienced ones because not everyone can memorize all spiritofthelaw videos all the time :smile:

I would like to see a quick overview of the civ in one screen including:

  • the civ bonuses
  • the special castle unit
  • other special units (like feitoria or step lancers)
  • overview of topics like infantry; cavalry; archers; siege; navy
  • things like (have access to this or that unit should not be in text; icons are just better for one view stuff)

Improvements to the current tech tree:

  • scrolling with mouse and arrow keys should be working simultaneously
  • too slow reaction (feedback)
  • scroll button too small
  • left part takes too much place
  • hovering over a unit it could show what the unit is good or bad against. There could be left icons e.g. like a sword for infantry marked in green if the unit is good against infantry. On the other side (right) in red icons for what the unit is bad against (can be made also for stuff like cavalry archers). This way it’s just easier and more handy to see.

Maybe someone has good ideas how to implement the most important categorys into the system.



This mod may be helpful:

Yes! I was waiting for someone to remake this.

well thats something to look into. It would be great if devs support these kind of ideas more.

And pleaaase add a tech tree button to the matchmaking queue. If I’m searching for a match I would like to check on the civs.

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