Suggestion: Option to disable "unit created" for "Go to Last Notification"

“Go to Last Notification” is pretty handy overall in case you get attacked or a monk picks up a relic or something like that, but one reason I don’t use it as much is because it also works for units created. So if you are creating a lot of units quickly, and get an attack bell in the middle of it, chances are that alarm bell notification is already older than several units created so “Go to Last Notification” won’t bring you to it at all. I think there should be an option to actually toggle this off so it ignores units created.


And i suggest to make it not only the last notification but if you keep click on it for example it will keep transfer you for the last 3 or 5 nots, this will be more helpful because you will have many nots each min so knowing the last 3 nots is better than only the last one