Suggestion : Option to Show Units' Stat Details and Hidden Bonuses

Hello, I have a straight forward suggestion. It would be cool to be able to see a bit more details about units stats. Like hidden bonuses, DPS and such. Maybe add an additional option that would show all that information on tooltips. I know there’s a mod that allows it on HD, but it would cool to have it on DE or in AoE 4.


That would be useful! But since there is still some balancing going on and the tooltips must be written by hand, it will take some time before we gonna see such thing.

Indeed I`m very dissappointed that tech descriptions etc remain with incorrect information e.g. range bonus for TC is still mentioned in the tooltip for bodkin arrow…

Hope this will be fixed…

@SpottedMule4, @jk2305
Improved Extended Tooltips mod