Suggestion: Original AoK Cataphract

I am posting to make a suggestion to the devs.

We have, so far, seen official mods that bring excellent content like the original AoE scout and monk.

In the same spirit, would it be possible to get a similar “official mod” to bring back the original Age of Kings Cataphracts for the Byzantines?

For those new to DE, or those that don’t remember, I mean this one.

The new model is great, and obviously closer to the historical appearance, but I loved the AoE2 Cataphract and I know for a fact that it was one of the most loved units in the game, just for its appearance.

Thank you for taking it into consideration!


Some units do look different from other versions hussar magyar hussar but I also would like to see the classic cat make it back to the game.

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Nah, the new cataphract is more accurate and should be left as it is.

Now the old magyar huszár deserves to return, as the new skin in DE is wrong. There is not a single historical evidence in the world to justify giving then wings. They took an existent skin, destroyed it, and removed all of it’s cultural heritage, in exchange for nothing.


If going for historical accuracy then all the uu’s should be like that not few.If going for vanilla look then all should look like that.

I too hate the player color wings.

Exactly. Since the game was made 20 years ago, i would be ok with then just copying the wrong skins. But selecting the skins that they actually made correctly and breaking then is inexcusable.

To everyone is saying “leave it as it is” without reading the original post:

I am not talking about changing it completely, simply adding it as a toggleable mod, like the AoE1 monk skin was.


Wait, you are supporting HISTORICALLY UNNACURATE SKINS???

nah i’m fine, as long as the game doesn’t force me to see wrong representations of history just because the designer found it cool.

I agree catas are accurate but I rather think byzantine should have their own architecture set like indians because current one doesnt suit them at all(they had very distinct architecture definitly better than middle eastern but monastery is catholic church and buldings represent italian renaissance architecture).

There is a mod for HD edition dont know if it exist for DE though.I think it made good job representing.It looks similiar to mediterranean so I think just replacing monastery with one shown here should suffice.

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Part of the Independent Architecture mod, i guess?
Anyway, 3% historical accuracy is better than none at all. My biggest issue with then was exactly what you mentioned, their places of worship.
Funny that modders doing it for free achieve a better accuracy rate than the professional designers.

This is a truly awesome mod. The walls and houses plus the castle. Maybe the Bulgarians and Byzantines could share a build-set.

The new cata is ugly, that is true. They should have kept the old one. It looks like the new one is wearing a dress and would trample itself the moment it starts running, the old plate skirt was much hotter. It’s not historically accurate now either cause the front of it’s…dress is closed and not open, which is exactly why it looks like it’s going to be digging the mud with it’s nose in no time.

Edit: the old Huszar on the other hand was ugly as ■■■■, now it is pretty.

I still want to see historically accurate skins for all the hero units.Master of the templars should be a 12th century templar knight and all the joan of arc heros 15th century units.

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*Cracks out the Bong of Destiny *

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Woah woah woah, so you believe that hungarians used wings before the 15th century?

I sincerelly hate you.

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I said it is pretty.

Hate me with love.

And besides, normal hussar is a chicken too.

Yeah, there’s a topic on that already. Basically some good minutes of hate speech vs the stupid wings, aswell as a discussion on the historical evidence of it. Which is none.

They are lovely, admit it.

They suck. It’s like they tried to make hungarians into little poland.
If they went all the way, Renaming then to “winged hussar” and putting a plate armor on then, then it would be ok.

Except that winged hussars only starts to exist after aoe2 timestamp ends. Not ok, but you get my point.

TW Medieval 2 has some beatiful cavalry units, none of then has wings. how bow dah?

The unit has looked like that for 20 years. Why change it to ugly now.