[Suggestion] Please allow customization of victory conditions


I think it would be great to be able to change victory conditions to a players liking if desired. For example, when playing King of the Hill, i would like to have to control the monument for a longer amount of time (in years) before winning the game. Similarly, it would be very nice to be able to change the time (Default 250years) needed to keep your Wonder alive in Defend the Wonder.

Just the same be able to change the time a player needs to hold all relics before winning the game.

Any opinions?



Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that you could do this very easily with a custom scenario.

  • Choose map type/size/players - generate
  • Set Victory condition and normal play options
  • Make a simple trigger to end the game when your custom victory conditions have been met.

But yes, I agree that some more flexibility in the lobby options in setting Victory Conditions would be nice.

Unfortuently the timer trigger is not working. So no you can’t do it.

I just used the timer trigger in a scenario I made this past week - what issues are you having with it? Did a recent update occur that broke it?

Sry, I didn’t clarify. I mean the display timer is broken. It has been broken ever since release and bug reported multiple times to no avail.

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Ah yes - unfortunately the scenario designer is riddled with problems which is SO unfortunate (especially some of the ‘modify attributes’ triggers that would be so awesome, just flat-out not working :expressionless:).

If any devs are reading this … please give some love to the scenario designer!
Every game that has continued for years is because of the vibrant and active community that is able to create content for the game. This is severely hindered when the tools to create content are broken … :frowning_face:


Ahhh I did not know this was (or at least should be) possible to change in the scenario editor. I have zero knowledge of using the editor, except the most basic things i did in the editor as a kid with the old CD version.

In that case i hope to see the above issue(s) with the editor fixed. More flexibility with victory conditions would also be great…