[Suggestion] Please increase/improve the zoom level

The game is still WAY too far zoomed in, even at ‘very far’. The buildings are huge and waste a lot of valuable screen space, so that lots of scrolling is required. Please allow the ability to zoom out as far as it is possible to zoom out in AOE 2 DE and AOE 1 DE. This is the only (huge) issue I have with AOE3 DE, other than that it is really really good!


This is not the only issue i have with DE, but this is one of them!

Make it possible to adjut the Zoom In the setting and to block it there.
If you want to rotate the buildings in the game, there would be no more possible to zoom in/out by accident.

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I don’t know why they have limited the zoom. In the spectator mode of aoe 3 de you ARE able to zoom out farther, I have watched some casted games and it is so so very nice zoomed out, please please please let us PLAY the game with the same zoom allowed in spectator mode. It makes sense to allow it, to bring it more inline with the zoom of aoe 1 and 2 de editions, I know they are trying to make the games ‘fit’ with each other, what with the different ui layouts to match aoe 2, it only makes sense to allow an aoe2 zoom out level. I know for a fact one of the biggest gripes about aoe 3 from aoe 2 players is the zoom level being too far zoomed in. I hope many people will like this thread so that devs will consider making the change.


This is my main feature request!

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I don’t think they are going to do it… :frowning:


Doesn’t look like it’s a coming feature… but I really hope it does some day. The game is way too zoomed in even when as far out as possible! Maybe some people care about seeing those nice high-res characters and buildings, but I care more about area of view as I’m getting rushed on all sides!


This is VERY needed. Too much time is wasted moving around the map and getting surprise rushed. I see no problems giving us 2-3x more zoom out than today!? Why not? It can only improve the game and make it better!

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Yes, I haven’t a clue why they are so stingy with the zoom level. The original AOE3 even supported zooming way way out, but they artificially limited it from online play on purpose. I don’t see why something that makes it easier for EVERYONE to play the game makes it game unbalancing? They integrated many other quality of life things in their games such as auto scout, auto farm reseeding, etc., why so stingy on the zoom levels? We have 4k monitors and big screen tvs now, why can’t the ‘definitive’ edition update to allow us to use our bigger displays?

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Exactly. This is just silly…

Devs, please let us zoom further, please! Or just remove the hardcoded limitations so SenseiDE can implement it for us!

Because some aspect ratios give unfair advantage with excessive zooming.

The definition of ‘unfair’ is that only some people can do it. So if everyone can zoom ‘excessively’ then how can it be unfair? It doesn’t make sense.

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Becomes not everyone has a 16:9 monitor. Different aspect rations allow you to see more, zooming only exacerbates that.

You could say having an expensive mouse gives an ‘unfair’ advantage too. Isn’t 16:9 the normal size for most all computer displays? Don’t most laptops have 16:9 or 16:10? What about having a laptop with a 17" size screen versus a 12" screen, is that an unfair advantage? Or someone with a 150" projector screen?

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Software design doesn’t work that way. You must account for all combinations out there.

Most RTS games explicitly forbid macros. Same goes for most shooters.

I second this. More zooming out would be nice. I already play at max zoom with AoE 2 and it depends on screen resolution which it can be changed easily, why does AoE 3 doesn’t allow this?

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