[suggestion] possibility to import and export hotkeys

So, after reading this topic, I wanted to request something that I think should also be available in other Definitive Editions as well: the possibility to export and import hotkey settings, so if we install the game on a different machine or want to install the game from scratch on the same one, we don’t lose our precious hotkeys. This is a quality of life feature that would benefit everyone.

:crossed_swords: Cheers :shield:

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But don’t you think it’s too modern and practical for this game?

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I believe creating the framerate limiter for this game was harder than it will ever be to create a file export/import feature. Besides, since we are not getting any updates and I’m low on suggestions already, I thought I’d share this one.


If you have windows store version it’s synced through the windows account so there is no need to export and import for personal use. For example, if I change a hotkey on my desktop, it will sync it to my laptop. Not sure about steam version.

It would still be nice for sending to friends.


I own the Steam version, and while such platform has a cloud service, and I don’t like to have it on due to a series of reasons I don’t need to elaborate on.

Or a different Microsoft/Steam account :wink:

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That was ironic. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t you just copy the hotkey setup file from the game’s save-game data folder in AoE II:DE?

And I saw a file with the same format in the AoE I: DE folder too.