Suggestion: Post-game stats should include a score for "Killed"

What I’m finding in team games is that the current post-game stats give the opposite impression of what each player contributed. The way to look good in the post-game stats is to turtle in your base, mass loads of units, research loads of techs, don’t under any circumstances engage the enemy, and you will look great at the end of the game on the timeline, both for score, and for unit counts.

Meanwhile, the people actually fighting are taking constant losses and spending their resources on constantly replenishing their army.

I think a “Killed” score would be great in the post-game stats. I suggest you get points for 1/100th of the resource cost of what you killed. So killing a villager gets you 0.5. Destroying a blacksmith gets you 1.5 etc. I’d set landmarks at 5 points each. I think this would give a much better indicator of who did the work during the game.