Suggestion: random between selected civs

I don’t kno if this has been proposed before, but each time I get to civilization selection screen I think the same: I would love to be able to shift and/or control-select (and something like right click-deselect) the civs I like and get a random pick between them, rather than either choosing one civ or get a completely random civ. It wouldn’t be a huge upgrade to the game, but i feel it shouldn’t be really hard to code and the current selection screen would easily fit such a feature. I also believe this would be useful to low-mid elo players who are learning a few civs but don’t yet know how to play all of them, or players who just don’t want to play Burgundians but still want to go random between all the other civs.


I totally agree with you
I still can’t believe this isn’t a feature at this point in the game
Simple things make a big difference
I would also add this feature to the map selection

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