Suggestion: Random CiV / Random Team (more than 2) / Random Maps

Hello there,

I dont know if im at the right place for suggestion but here is what i’d love to see in the game:

The option that you can chose a random CIV → Its much more interesting to play when you dont know what you get and against what you have to play beforehand.

Random Team → Currently you can only select “automatic” and then it generates 2 “equal” teams. It would be awesome, if you can tell the game, how many teams shall be created. (i think its self-explanatory but here an example: You select 3 teams and then it makes a 2 v 2 v 2 if you have 6 players instead of 3 v 3)

Random Maps → An option to select a random map with 3 possibilties to chose from:

  • all maps
  • only landmaps
  • only seamaps

See ya around

This is partly already in the ranked beta build, which makes it very likely to be included in the next patch. Partly because, in its current version, it is still shown in loading screen and the alliance window. So its fine if you want to surprise yourself, but all will be revealed once in the loading screen.

Allright i checked it out. Seems like only the “Random CIV” will be included? Well at least something is going to be done then. But i still hope for the other features to arrive as well.

+1 for random civ! I enjoy playing skirmish against AI and it would be a great feature