[SUGGESTION] Recognition for AoE2:HD achievements & playtime

Each iteration of AoE2 forgets the time you spent in the previous version.

  • E.g., if you spent 500 or 1,000+ hours playing AoE2:HD and have 100 or 200 achievements, all that is for naught as far as AoE2:DE is concerned. You get a clean slate in DE.

Bummer. Since AoE2:DE has come out, I will probably play AoE2:HD only 10% of the time moving forward, until friends get DE; then it will be around 0%.

If I have 78 of 100 progress toward one achievement and 434 of 500 on another, those will now never be fully obtained. Frozen in time. 500+ hours of HD playtime down the tubes. Some achievements take forever to get or progress that far.

I propose DE recognizes some of the HD stats.

  • Maybe at least total playtime and total number of achievements accrued.
    – For HD playtime, maybe give a different achievement depending on how much time was played (50 hrs, 100hrs, 250hrs, 500hrs, 1000hrs, 2000+ hrs… or similar breakdown).
    – For HD achievements accrued, something similar.

It would actually be great to carry over all HD achievements somehow so we can keep building on our HD stats while in DE – as some of us are completionists – but I realize that may be asking too much.

By recognizing some stats, though, DE will be rewarding the time and money spent in HD.

Since HD itself displays your stats/achievments and so on, it’s not “unrecognised” The thing that would e really cool would be that along with your achievements and play time you could have detailed stats for each civ, like wich civ did you get your record of kills/military/villager/even wonders and so on

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True it shows in HD, but it still feels like a master reset happened, and stats no longer accrue; despite it still being the same game, “Age of Empires II”

Best case scenario, they’re able to bring some stats over or recognize some. Worst case scenario, at least I said something and tried :slight_smile:

It amazes me that people play this game mainly against the computer or for achievements. For example, I couldn’t imagine having full hockey equipment and playing against one of those net targets and thinking I’m having fun. Or, playing football with a ball launcher or one of the hitting sleds and thinking this was fun. Why would you not play against other people for the challenge? Weird to know people like that exist.

A computer player will always emulate human player better than a ball launcher lol. And playing against the AI has tons of advantages, like not risking getting smurfed, being able to pause at any time… Furthermore for a lot of people the AI is a big challenge already, for others they prefer to slowly grow an empire and build a pretty city rather than rushing or having to use random buildings as walls… To sum up there are many different ways to enjoy this game and they are all valid as long as it doesn’t ruin someone else’s fun