Suggestion regarding home city levelling


Would it be please be possible for players to have the option to level up the home city “the old way”, gaining cards little by little? Players should be able to choose either the new or the old system (kind of like the UI). As of right now, levelling up non-european cities has absolutely no impact ;(

Thank you.


I totally agree. Me and a couple of friends never stopped playing the original. Part of the reason why it kept beeing interesting were the whole collecting cards part. We visit each other with our laptop, and sometimes I might have a small advantage, beeing in a higher level, because I played the game by myself in between. This should not be an ‘option’, this should be how the game is. Well I Guess we can always just Play the original, but obviously we have been looking forward for this release for years, since we played the original so much.

i waited 10 years for that we get all cards instanly wihout havng to spend more than 200 hours plaing a civ to obtain cards. So i can go to invite a friend and tell him that now he wont have to spend 200 hours to have the card you needed to dont be on disandvantage.
Finally! thanks DE!


Some people are asking to have this civ progression in standard mode, which I agree as some only play vs AI.
For multiplayer most people prefer to have everything unlocked so it’s fair.
It could still work if players could chose civs before finding a match, so the matchmaking would pair them with others with same or similar home city level.

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i think eliminating 200 hours of game (it could be 500) just to unlock cards was completely necessary, an matchmaking using home ccity level is not competitive, there is disadvantage even in 5 city levels or even in 2 levels. Also it greatly reduces chances to find a match.
Matchmaking that is running right now is what we needed for competitive game.

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I much prefer the cosmetic leveling for home cities. If they could improve that(and add it to civ’s who don;t have it) it would be perfect


[raulramirez91] I totally agree with you. I also hope that Grand Theft Auto 6 will just arrive completed to my doorstep, so that I do not have to play the game. No, I get what you are saying, but I do not agree. The benefit of the cards is not that big, and it keeps the game dynamic even though you play it for 800 hours. I Do not want to play a game that much without any change. Slight changes are enough, and it makes you constantly push yourself to find out the best way to play a match with what you have. It should also motivate your friend to play the game more. They did not fix a bug, or improved graphics. They just removed a part of the game. I remember that you could just edit a .txt or something like that to level up. If you and your friend want to cheat, it should be that you should have to do something like that. I play the game only by myself and over LAN, and this is just how me and a few friends like the game.

yep that would work for you and your friends, its ok, i respect that. But dont for other aprt of the people. So yea if you gonna play lan like that, they could activate ur lvl system on lan, but definitevily not in multiplayer online

All this can be rectified by making it an optional thing for people who prefer either or. I miss unlocking cards as for me it was a core element of the game. I liked the progression and strategy involved. Just give those that want it the option to play the game that way. Simple.

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I’ll admit, I had no idea how many people still played Age of Empires in Single Player mode only. For multiplayer purposes, I was all in favor of unlocking all Home City cards and rejoiced when I saw the change. I know for certain I was not alone.

Hearing the outcry from the Single Player fanbase has adjusted my perspective on this issue. I hope the devs consider it, especially if it’s a simple enough change to implement. I believe Single Player should require leveling of HC’s while Multiplayer should not.

I do fear it will be too tall a task to be tackled, however. The devs deliberately aligning the homecities to have the same decks etc. in multi as single player is something they put some work into, not even mentioning unlocking of all cards. It will take just as much work to undo. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say this feature will not be changed for at least 6-12 months if ever. Just a realistic view.

maybe level system could be implemented to unlock new avatars?

It’s a bit more tricky than that. Imaging all the inconvenience of having multiplayer decks, where you can choose cards freely, and singleplayer decks, where cards are locked, all in one list.

I agree! Please, return the “level up unlock cards” for only singleplayer mode!

This is, how you could solve this easily:

  • Let players create home cities as they are used too - multiple times the same city if they want, with names they choose.
  • When creating a new home city, let the player choose between level 1 and full deck.
  • For the multiplayer lobby add a checkbox to allow low-level cities if wanted.

The effort for this solution is quite low and everybody is happy in any situation possible. PvPers can create full deck cities, solo players can create level 1, and people who want to play with their friends only can even make both at the same time - low-level Spain for coop and max level Spain for friendly matches (because we all want to play Spain and Spain only, as you know).

I really miss the feature that let me develop my HC’s deck in single player. I think that 25 card limit in single player is not necessary (but a smart choice for multiplayer).
Anyone noticed if leveling up cities allows to increase the limit of the decks?