Suggestion: Remove 'staggered' formation, instead let you set any formation to 'tight' or 'loose'

So if you choose line formation on loose, it becomes staggered. Line on tight is as present.

Box formation on loose, it becomes as present. Box formation on tight, units form as tight a square as possible no matter the distance traveled.

Same for split formation.

That way you can get a few more formations with only adding one button.


It’s definitely an interesting concept. I think the only downside is it’s one more button for you to potentially screw up when microing is hard for a lot of people anyways. But I think it’d overall be a good change.

These types of suggestions should be ran through the worlds best 10 players and then only if they agree then it should be added to the game.

Their opinion should also be considered, but it would be wrong to let only them decide about these things in a game with tens of thousands of players.