Suggestion: remove the in-game score

I think high-level games become more interesting when we remove the in-game score for the players. It provides information that they should not have, such as up-times (score drops etc), lead in development (when both players are booming or fighting for map advantage, where it is not clear from the line of sight; “I’m taking good fights, but our scores are even. So my opponent must boom or sth…”), and who is leading during the late game even when it’s not evident from the current situation.

While the score can also be misleading, I understand that it has advantages for commentators; so we could keep it for commentating purposes and when analysing a game for instance.

In summary: removing the in-game score increases the need for proper scouting and makes the decision making much more interesting. What do you think?


Or you just hide it with f4

UserPatch has a feature that let’s you remove the score, but no one ever played with it. It really doesn’t make a huge difference to the gameplay, and seeing the score is useful for knowing when it’s ok to resign so game’s don’t drag on too long.


First, the score-drop age-up-reveal dynamic should not be a thing.

Second, score might not enhance the game much. I’m not decided on this; there’s some advantages to score for sure.

In-game score makes you realize how better/worse you are than someone
This is the simple explanation and I think it’s really needed nonetheless.
Also, nothing you can do when your opponent is aging up unless you are attacking their base and maybe make them cancel it

i dont know how i feel about removing it… but one thing for sure is it will reduce the rate people drop from the game from seeing a big score difference…

the age up scroe drop can be easily fixed by changing how score is calculated.
One part of the score is your current ressoures in bank
another part of score is ressources spent on techs

during research time the ressources are already spent so out of your bank so scroe drop but you havent reserached the tech yet so no score. This causes the drop which can be seen by players that look for it.

instead of basing the economy scroe on current unspent ressources we could ase it on total resources gathered (would also fix when one player has total gathereed alot more over the course of the game and end up with a lower economy score because he also used it)

or instead also count research score of techs in progress so there is no scroe change on clicking up


It should be added only as a toggleable option in the lobby. And if people like it enough then it could be made standard.

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nobody would use it most likely just as in voobly.
of course if the majority doesnt view score as a problem then it doesnt matter anyway and a option wont hurt.