[Suggestion] Resource filter in minimap

Sometimes I just want to filter on the minimap to see only a specific resource or the landmarks of the enemy (when attacking). Something like we had in AoE2 :slight_smile: The larger the map (like 3vs3) the more I miss it because everything becomes so tiny in the minimap.

Just made a simple screenshot, here I cannot see the stone on the minimap. I know it is not the best screenshot :wink: for comparison I placed the AoE2 minimap next to it, where it is filtered on a specific resource.


Yes!! So many things missing. How about stances? Hate when my dudes got the enemy on the run and then break off…I guess I’m supposed to micromanage the chase…F that. But definitely need the mini map filter. Looking for those last resources and even relics…I can barely see the relics on the main screen.