[Suggestion–rework] Alternative revolutions for Russian civilisation

Hi! I apologize in advance for mistakes (this is not my native language).
I drew attention to the fact that some Russian revolutions are not historical.

So, what options for revolutions does Russia have?
1. Finland - Finland gained independence from the Russian Empire in 1917 (It’s late for the AOE3 setting, but ok.)
2. Romania - Romania was not part of the Russian Empire. Russia even helped Romania gain independence from the Ottoman Empire. ( ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanian_War_of_Independence )
3. Hungary - Hungary was not part of the Russian Empire too. Russia only helped the Austrian Empire suppress the revolution. ( ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_Revolution_of_1848 )

I offer alternative options for revolutions for Russia:
1. Finland - Leave unchanged.
2. Poland - This revolution was justified by the 1830-1831 uprising in Congress Poland (part of Russian Empire). ( ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_Uprising )
3. United States - Yes, it not revolution, but Russian territories (Alaska) were ceded to the United States ( ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_Purchase )
And many civilizations have United States revolution (British, Dutch, French, and even Swedes).
There were also ideas of revolutions of the southern possessions of the Russian Empire (Caucasus, Central Asia), but in my opinion, it is not entirely correct to transform European civilization into Asian civilization.

Comparison of versions revolution selection screen of Russia:

I know, Polish flag from that period looked a little different, but I could not draw the coat of arms…
It would look like this: Flag of Poland

Thanks for reading and watching! I hope the developers pay attention to this.
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Russia controlled a big part of Moldavia,

USA just feels wrong for Russian revolt. Also due to the fact that Alaska was bought by the USA. So Romania can keep being a revoltion. I agree, to also kind off make the Polish faction people partly happy, to make Poland a revolt.


i dont think poland should be a revolution, i think they should be a real faction.

as for romania it is probably related to the balkan wars where russia took on the role of helping those nations seek independence.

hungary has to do with russia helping to put down a rebellion there.


Our opinions are different on Poland being a major civ, but I think in the mean time, it is a good alternative for a polish civ, as a revolt. They made the USA a major faction, so it doesnt exclude them from the factions list.


i can respect your opinion on that, obviously there is 1 european faction i want more than Poland :slight_smile: but talk for another day.

at least i hope they wont make poles a german revolution, i heard they wouldnt like that very much.


Some “major” revolutions like Poland, Greece and Italy seem to be intentionally left out. I guess this is to give rooms for future updates because I can think of no other reasons.


yeah its pretty obvious we havent gotten any references to Italy, Poland and Denmark(-Norway) because it likely are factions we might actually see.

as for Greece idk, like i do really think they are too late and i think their absence is better explained by the fact they would be a revolution to the ottomans and well those 2 nations dont have much good blood between them. I’m guessing the Greek community just wouldn’t have been fans of being a revolution to the ottomans for that reason alone.

I think the best options for a revolution for Russians civ are:

  • Finland (no change)
  • Ruthenians / or Cossacks (revolution option common to Russians civ and Poland-Lithuania civ)
  • Balts / or Lithuania (revolution option common to Russians civ and Poland-Lithuania civ)

I think these are the best options for a revolution for Russians civ. A large number of revolution options common to both Russians civ and Poland-Lithuania civ are linked for geopolitical reasons - Russia competed with Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth for the Rus and Baltic regions.


Interesting options, I like! Cossacks revolt especially.

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The Cossacks themselves have a lot to offer. As Ruthenians, they could be one of the most unique and noteworthy options for the revolution.

Ruthenians revolution - Cossack motif + representing the East Slavic (Ruthenian) nations


Romania is fine for Russia since Bessarabia was part of the Russian Empire. Hungary is super inaccurate though and should be replaced with Cossacks. Cossacks would also be a solid revolution option for Poland if they’re ever added.

I know it is is too late for the game timeline, like the Finland revolution, but maybe a bolchevich revolution could add some teste to the game. A French revolution for the France as well. Just thinking loud here.