[Suggestion--rework] 🐄 <Double Purpose Cattle of Europe> 🐑

Mexico, another civilization that intends to make livestock farming viable.

(They talk about it from minute 1:39)

By appearing this building (farm) will generate free cows and its process will be accelerated if there are villagers working in it.

Imagine that you build farms and configure it to generate cows automatically. By the time the hunt is over, it is inaccessible or it is very risky to go towards it, the farm will have generated some animals that will replace the hunt.

To be frank I was a bit disappointed that it was Mexico, but seeing its mechanics and artistic style I am emotional.

Since they are making cattle actually have a utility for the new civilizations that are emerging, I would like it to be the same for the civilizations that came out before the African DLC.

Now that the new arriving civilizations have an efficient livestock utility. Don’t you think it’s time for other civilizations to be able to use it efficiently too?

Africans with an upgrade can replace their sold cows with a calf. Mexicans can generate free cows. I think my proposal doesn’t sound so crazy anymore now.