[Suggestion] Right click for auto-create units + Planning do not limited by resources

I suggest 2 new improvement.

  1. Right click for auto-create units

    Similar to the rebuild farm mechanism.
    Right click the create unit button, the button and the corresponding building would have an indication (such as a star in the photo). If there are no other planned missions and having enough resources, the building will automatically create the right clicked unit. Right click again for cancelling. Every building can only choose 1 unit for auto-creation at the same time.
    I think this will be very useful in feudal age.

  2. Planning do not limited by resources

    As see in the photo. Even not enough resources, the process can still be planned. After getting enough resources, the process will go automatically.
    It can prevent the situation that continuously clicking the button because of owing a little resources (Wait for the villager to place the resources).

We had this (auto-queue) on AOM:TT, I liked it

We had this discussion before (multiple times) - it does seem nice, but it’s a terrible suggestion and would destroy the charm of the game. AoE2 right now finds a very nice balance of being hard to play, but still being accessible. If you want an easier game, just go and play something else, but please don’t try to turn this amazing game for everyone into just another casual rts. I know your suggestions won’t immediately make it a boring game, but it’s for sure a step into the wrong direction.

If you want more thoughts of this, you will find hundreds of pages in this forum.


Am I playing supreme commander now?

This production thing pretty much removes another one of those management aspects of AOE2. If this trend continue, Microsoft might as well just develop a machine learning AI that plays the game for us. All we need to do is watch. Is that fun though? I doubt it.