Suggestion: server ban system for ranked

A system for banning servers you don’t want to play on, like banning maps.

You can object: what if there’s no players on your region and u don’t find a game… yes, its a possibility, but I honestly prefer to wait 10 minutes for a game but play on a server without ping, than wait 1 minute for a game to play with +200 ms. And if u don’t agree, just don’t ban any server.

What do u think?


Agree. Nowadays it’s impossible play well with lag, and a lot of people like me, have a job during the day and want to play at night. The matchmaking finds people of others continents and the lag is 100/300 ms. Impossible.

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We need more regional servers, and the MM should also read the pings and try to match the lower pings for both, i have been telling how unfair is to play against anyone in south america, the mm always chooses their server location, they have 50-70 ping on that server while i get 250ms, that is quite an unfair advantage.


eh… there’s probably worse problems than this, hard pass for me

Clearly u’re not southamerican, 'cause we have to play all games against european players with +100 ping than them. Usually that games are played on eastus. Look at the southamerican pings:
50% of our games are on eastus and ukwest. It’s not the same as playing with less than 100 ms

and look at european pings (a player from Germany):

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I have retired from this game a while ago. I am surprised to still receive messages about this forum.

In a game like age of empires 2 - ping below and up to 300 is fine. It’s not an fps shooter.

To backup your arguments, why don’t you show us your rank, cause i find it very interesting to read something like this in 2021, all games server based benefits from lower latency, cause of the faster response, i have 2 seconds lagg playing on brazil south as my ping is 250+ and i get that freaking server 70% of the time, while my opponents play at 50 ping as you can see from the picture above, the problem are not the servers, but the poor coding behind that chooses the servers, picking the server should be based on neutral pings.

Your argument got lost in time with the p2p connections as they shared the same input lag, but thats no a thing on this game, 100 ms difference is quite noticeably, more than that and one player as a huge advantage over the enemy, microing archs is comparable to any FPS game.

This is something they can fix really fast honestly.

While that’s notable - the only thing you have to worry about is a server that changes its ping on a dime from 200-400-100-300 etc - if a server is more or less stable at around and under 300 then it’s able to be played well enough. I worry more about suddenly disconnecting for 20 seconds every 30; if the server is stable you can time your presses to match the latency which is easy enough to do with a higher yet stable ping’d server.
Elo on forums as an argument is a near baseless Theory that has many qualities that do not sit well with me at all and is a terrible thing to base opinion around. Currently I’m ranging around the 1100’s. I was ranging around the 800’s just over a year ago.

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