Suggestion: Show elo on loading screen

We all loved the civ flag addition next to player’s name on loading screen.

Nowadays players smurf/change their names constantly. I would like to know what’s my opponents rank by getting their elo/ranking position on loading screen. What do you guys think?


Yeah such a simple thing to add but such a big addition to player experience…so I doubt the devs will implement it LOL

Idk, not knowing your oponent elo kinda takes the pressure off I think. But I guess you are right though. It would be nice to know what you are up against.

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Really good idea! And it seems simple for developers to implement.

I think the website for stats should come soon, there was already an update from that topic.
Info on the loading screen would be nice, but it doesnt really bother me that much.
Its quite a nice feeling when u win a game just to find out later that your oponent is like 100 elo points higher than you.
Of course the opposite can also happen too which can be quite sad.

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Yes, it’s an old post. Just linked it because it’s related. A single thread is stronger than many small threads if we want to see some change imo.

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