Suggestion: Spectator slots in lobbies

Spectator slots were a feature of HD, but were removed in favor of a separate spectator feature that exists outside of the lobby setup. This was an excellent change and allowed for spectators without clogging up the lobbies, but removal of spectator slots has made certain use cases more difficult, and sometimes impossible.

Merits of having spectator slots in lobbies:

Easier to spectate the games of friends

  • You can invite your friends to a lobby, set yourself as spectator, and watch them duke it out.
  • Don’t have to find the game in the list of lobbies, can be invited to the lobby and set yourself as spectator.
  • You can disallow normal spectators and spectate a game privately without opening it up to randoms.

Spectating AI games

  • Easier testing and debugging of AI.
  • Spectator features in singleplayer. You can set yourself to be the same player as the AI and hop around with the F keys, but this is cumbersome and lacks the spectator UI features. CaptureAge is not really an acceptable solution here, as it is an external tool distinct from the game.
  • Can spectate AI games in multiplayer. This isn’t possible at the moment. (AI tournaments?)
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Being able to spectate AI matches in real time would greatly help me create my Extreme AI Matchups series on my YouTube channel (shameless plug). The way I do it, I always end up knowing the result of the game, which takes away a bit of suspense.

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