[Suggestion] The Collosal Map (and Tournement)

I’m an AoE2 player and I love ludicrous map. Truth be told, I wanna go bigger… much bigger. So long as it doesn’t get boring I love rediculously long games.
This suggestion comes in 3 parts:

  • The Collosal Map
  • The Earth Map
  • The Collosal Tournement

So I’ve always thought that maps should be bigger, or at least regions represented in AoE2 should be larger in comparison to units and buildings. Just my preference I guess. But it’s like you play one of the country map and the villager (Giant) walks across the entire continent like its nothing…
Anyway, I think there should be a new size map - yes it would take a beefy computer but hear me out:

  • A country the size of say France for example should fit snugly within the current ludicrous map…
  • Then we make a proportionally sized Map the size of the Earth.
  • The Size of that map is the “Collosal Map”.
  • It follows that we then make a proportionately sized accurate map of the world which can accomodate hundreds of players. This is the “Earth Map” (Not like what we have in AOE2 DE where Ireland the UK is literally 2 squares…)

I’m musing with the idea a little bit and my main thought as a result is that the map would be so big that tournments played upon it would probably require most of the computing power to be done from a dedicated server. This way we can have hundreds of players playing at a time in a stupidly epic throwdown across the entire planet. Another suggestion to this is that if it is from a dedicated server, there would be nothing to stop the host from stitching East and West together so we would have a trully circumnavigable globe (at least along the Latitudal axis).

I just want a crazy all out battle across a realistic Earth. I don’t care if it lasts for days. I won’t sleep and I’ll play as Mayans and I’ll still kick noones asses because I’m a noob

Thats a funny idea. In fact I fantasised about this one too when I was a kid. But I think with a map double the size of the actual “Giant” maps it would change the whole gameplay/balance and therefore couldn’t be done so easily. Maybe as an Add-on? You couldn’t have a pop cap because how would you control all the units once you reign half of the globe - thousands of units and hours of walking time would be required.
Maybe if you conquer other players they are forced to be in an alliance with you, so you kind of split the control of the territory? And you can build streets, which drastically increase the walking speed. Also advanced diplomacy and communication Methods would be needed.

Yeh, totally right, the logistics would be a bit stupid. I like the diplomacy and comms idea. Maybe this is one for the die-hards.

this is a good idea for AOE 8

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Age of Empires:Europa Universalis Edition
Well idea seems good

a huge map and a long Trade route. build towers and fortification on strategically important location to protect trade routes.
EMMMMMM… interesting

I also agree that this could be a lot of fun