Suggestion: The function of change the order of the decks

As we are more familiar with the game, we knows that we sometimes need many decks against different rivals. But it will take some time if we want to select the exact deck we want among so many deck, especially when they are not arranged in order. Thus I suggest that a function of changing the order of decks is added.


Yeah, easy to implement and improves experience. Should be included.

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I’ve played the game for a LONG time (Years), I’ve never used more than 1 deck. :neutral_face:
I tried using a land maps deck and a water maps deck but I just smushed them both together for an all around great deck.

How do you guys use them? Like a turtle :turtle: / rush :crossed_swords: / boom :heavy_dollar_sign: deck???

I have 5 decks for every civ.
-1 Naval deck
-1 Rush deck
-1 Eco deck
-1 Mid-Lategame deck
-1 Team deck

Yes! That and the ability to easily rename decks.

It varies a lot from player to player, mine are:

  • Land - Normal
  • Naval - Normal
  • Land - Treaty
  • Naval - Treaty
  • Land - Team
  • Naval - Team
  • Revolution - Treaty(One for each possible revolution)
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That would be awesome. What a huge first thread here ! Welcome :wink:

What a pain to search through the entire list just to misclik at the end because I’m in the rush to send my first card lol. - pro move -

Also, I’m playing both treaty and suprematy in team and have a set of deck built to fit with my allies + depending on the map + depending on the strategy + depending on the opponent’s civs. That makes a lot of decks.

Also since the meta evolves, good decks become outdated, but sometimes your happy to reuse them out of nowhere. :baguette_bread::baguette_bread:

Not only arrows for Homecity screen in deck building screen, but also a search tab in-game when playing would be cool

Pro’s even use decks against particular civs