Suggestion to devs about game replays

Dear developers, at first i have to say that i’m really satisfied with the game which are trully amazing! Not sure if you are planning or not, but please add opportunity to download and save on PC game replays to let players watch them any time from the game menu and spread tournaments matches that they enjoy to watch! Thank you! And add rewind replay function please.

P.S. Happy New Year everyone! Wish you the Best!


This was an issue with the last CnC game as well as other new games, RTS or FPS, where they lacked a feature to easily share replays.

One issue is how the size of replays in some new games has increased massively compared to the games of old. Games from 2003 would produce a simple .rep file you could save and share, but it was only around 4—400 kb per file depending upon the length, so even then you could store hundreds of your favorites. Newer games will produce files up to 100 mb or more, which begins to take up space on your drive if you save a lot of replays.

I don’t know what the situation was for Age4 that made them decide against a replay sharing function, but if they could add one in the future it would be nice.

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