Suggestion: Tool for creating custom objects for editor

Ancient history for some, in the original Age of Empire’s 2 (+DLCs) there was a tool called Genie-Editor for building, creating, and modifying game unit, object, building, tech…assets.

This tool was used by Forgotten Empires (prior to them working with you) for all the new game assets they had in their unofficial DLC in 2013.

Can we have something like that for AOE 3 DE; I know the asset files for the game are up in the ether somewhere (cant file the game asset files anywhere, believe me I looked for those files).

It would be cool if players could build new objects in said editor and submit them like you would a mod.
and if the asset is “cannon” (not the gun kind) could be added to the base game in a content update (with Dev approval and bug checking).
-Similar to what Valve used to do with Steam workshop assets for TF2 (Team Fortress 2).


The game has been launched for nearly half year, but we haven’t go any official modding tool. Without the fan-made tool for extracting and editing .BAR file, we probably even have no way to make mods.


All you need to mod AoE3 is a text editor like notepad. The asset files for the game are all archived in the .bar files and can be extracted using the resource manager.

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Is there a way to edit Models? Gr2 files?