Suggestion: Trading Post architecture should be based on civ, not map

The game has models for:

  • a) Colonial trading posts (from base game)
  • b) Asian trading posts (introduced in TAD)
  • c) South American trading posts (introduced in DE)

IMO the appearance of the trading post should be based on the civ building it, not on the map.

  • Asian civs should build Asian trading posts
  • European civs should build Colonial trading posts
  • Aztecs should build South American trading posts
  • And the Haudenosaunee and Lakota should get a new trading post

TBH I have felt the same urge when having a trade post on south american maps from asian or europeon civs!

The instinct says that the outpost built, will be a Civ based Outpost, but it disappoints to see a map based one for a second!

I would say the map based seems better in theory! i,e, UI

But the User Experience will be better/symmetrical if it will be civ based!

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Great sugestion.
It would certainly add to civs diversity

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Honestly someone could easily make this into a mod, just replace TechLogic with CivLogic in the model file for the trading post, but I am not very good with Age3 model files, they’re a mess compared to AoM, so someone else would have to try doing this.

You’d likely need a new model for the Lakota and the Haudenosaunee individually, as the two are less related than the Aztecs and the Inca in terms of architecture, although both would honestly be fairly simple - a large tipi for the Lakota and a modified Longhouse for the Haudenosaunee.

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None of those four are related architecturally, and you forgot that the Inca have the Tambo.

The North American trading post could look something like the tribal marketplace, three walls and a roof, heh.