[Suggestion][UI / UX] Attack move with one of building or unit priority

So the idea with attack move is that the selected units head to the marked location and attack anything along the way - works most of the time effectively, but when buildings are in the way, I find that the units target buildings instead which is sort of irritating micro.

Maybe we can add a setting in the options (not in the selection UI, because that wouldn’t make sense to have this setting be per unit group) to have building or unit priority when attack moving? for e.g. on unit priority, always attack units on the way to the final move command… if no units are encountered en-route to the final move command, then focus buildings instead as a fallback. This would be overridden obviously if you attack move’d directly on a building.

It’s a small change, but I think it’ll add to the overall UX.


It’s super annoying when you think your army will prioritise units but instead they just go for buildings

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