[suggestion] unit outlines for better and faster identification/selection/management


To have a unit outline system that works dynamically when units get behind buildings, terrain, or other map objects/artifacts that may obstruct their view. Outlines should not appear when what’s obstructing a unit is another unit.


  • To have unit outlines match player colors:
    It would be nice if units had player-based color outlines, like, having red team units with a red outline, and yellow team units having a yellow outline.

  • To easily select covered/hidden units:
    A common issue in AoE1:DE is that units behind forest or buildings are ver hard -sometimes even impossible- to select or perform actions with, such as gazelles and villagers, as well as other small units that get behind trees or big buildings.

  • To be able to opt-out of outlines:
    It would be cool to have an option to disable outlines for a clean/realistic view.

Unit outlines in AoE2: Definitive Edition:

  • image

  • image

  • image

Age of Empires 2: HD also has unit outlines:

  • Outlines_AOE2HD

This might sound crazy to suggest/request, but it was in my mind, and I did not want to let it slip. I wish the best for this game and its community.

This is one of the features that would put both Age of Empires I and II closer together. Definitely want this to be added! :slightly_smiling_face: