Suggestion: Update Japan's unique technology of "Meiji Restoration"

The “Meiji Restoration” technology of the Japanese Consulate has always been an awkward technology. For Asian countries, spectacle buildings are the core buildings with sustained effects, while Japan’s “Meiji Restoration” technology is only an upgrade era and the cost is not cheap. However, at the same time, the “Meiji Restoration” historical event is the core event of Japan’s transition to an imperialist country, They have changed their traditions and made Japan more like a European country. Perhaps this technology should be like the Mayan Revolution, abolishing the traditional Japanese units, and replacing them with Japanese reform motor unit such as the “Drawn Sword Corps” and “Sharpshooters” At the same time, giving them new cards to strengthen new forces can weaken, change or abolish the effects of the early wonders, and make them more like Europeans


Sure, I always That is to say, Japan’s Meiji Restoration was led by Emperor Meiji Murihito, and Japanese society, education, and military had to learn from Western countries in order to become one of the strongest countries in Asia It is a bourgeois reform movement in Japan that transformed from feudal society to capitalist society.

Since the 19th century, there have been continuous peasant and civic uprisings in urban and rural Japan, shaking the shogunate system centered around the Edo shogunate. In 1853, the US fleet arrived in Japan, and the following year, the shogunate was forced to sign the Treaty of Kanagawa. In 1858, the shogunate was forced to sign a trade treaty. The Netherlands, Russia, Britain, and France successively signed contracts, resulting in the loss of the shogunate’s authority. The lower level samurai of the southwestern ####### launched the movement of respecting the king and repelling the barbarians, which gradually developed into the Uprising Restoration Movement.

In 1867, under the planning of the Satsuma and Choshu ######## the Kyoto court issued a secret edict, and Shogunate General Tokugawa Keiki accompanied him to request the “return of the great government” and granted the edict.

On January 3, 1868, Emperor Murin (also known as Emperor Meiji) issued the “Grand Decree for the Restoration of the Imperial Government”, abolishing the shogunate system; At the end of January, the reformist army defeated the shogunate army near Kyoto. In May, the reformist army entered Edo (later renamed Tokyo). On October 23rd, it was renamed Meiji, hence the name of the Reform Movement. In 1869, the various fiefdoms were restored. In 1871, the feudal system was abolished and counties were established, establishing a centralized government. The Meiji government lifted the ban on land sales the following year and implemented land tax reform starting from 1873.

After 1874, the liberal civil rights movement emerged but was repeatedly suppressed. In the same year, they sent troops to invade Taiwan, China, China, and the next year, they created trouble in Korea. In 1877, the government army quelled the Kagoshima clan rebellion. In 1881, government owned enterprises were sold at a low price to privileged merchants, supporting the development of capitalism. The cabinet system was established in 1885. In 1889, the Imperial Constitution was promulgated, establishing the modern imperial system.

Under the slogan of “enriching the country and strengthening the military, promoting industry and civilization”, Japan accelerated its path to capitalism, but at the same time, it was accompanied by strong feudalism and aggressive expansion



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Meiji Restoration allows the player to save 4,000 food, 4,000 coin. While this may seem like a good deal, it takes a huge time investment saving up to 4,000 export, and the export would be much better spent on other units and technologies that cost far less, and that can be researched much earlier in the game, thereby giving far more value relative to the game time. In addition, it prevents the player from building a fourth Wonder, which is important for its Wonder power, nor would they get the age-up reward. Consequently, Meiji Restoration is currently essentially useless, and saving up for and researching it would give the player a great disadvantage.

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make it give a imp factory and change daimyo and shoguns to generals able to construct forts

So in my opinion, this technology should be compared to the Mayan Revolution or the Revolutionary French Revolution, making it a different development path from traditional Japan. This is also true of historical facts. The Meiji Restoration, as a symbol of Japan’s transition from a feudal society to a capitalist society, a series of events in it also transferred power from the shogunate to the Emperor and the Restoration government, This technology should enable Japan to abolish the ashigaru and samurai units representing the feudal era and replace them with a brand new revolutionary army,And give Japan a new deck (can also change the Japanese flag from Tokugawa clover to Japanese chrysanthemum flag)


Yes, but it makes sense that the Meiji restoration is available with Japanese isolationism in the consulate, since after Japan opened its borders in 1853, the country began to change and 15 years later, in 1868, it was no longer the feudal Japan we knew…

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I would suggest something similar to Revolutionary France, with a new roster of units “Modernizing” the Military and replacing the Isolation option at the Consulate with the USA. sort of like a mini-revolt for the Japanese with it’s own deck.