[Suggestion] Variegated friend or foe colours

Currently in the game there are two modes for colouring the players:

  1. Individual colours: This has the advantage of allowing you identify units with individual players, to track their upgrades, and to easily communicate with your team which of the opponents you are engaging with.

  2. Friend or foe colours: This has the advantage of easy identifiability and faster minimap reading.

I suggest an option which changes the default friend or foe colours to one where all the opponents have a different shade of red. It doesn’t need to be very distinctive, just different enough so that a person can tell if they are fighting 1, 2, or 3 armies. A possible choice of colours could be light red, dark red, brown, and orange.


The only problem i see with this is the current game engine does not use some of those colors for choices. it’s a decent idea all around.

In the current game engine the individual colours are not hard-coded. We can edit them in game files, that’s how we get the darker gray mod.

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Different shade of the same color for the opponents is huge for large team games. I would also like to have my allies as green instead of yellow.

A possible Friend or Foe option retouch by the devs, should have been a priority I believe.

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