[SUGGESTION] - Version/Build Number: Copy to Clipboard

To file a bug report for the Steam version in the forum, it’s a pretty manual effort to put the version/build number in the report.

You have to launch AoE2:DE and then either hand-write the version/build number onto a piece of paper, or CTRL+TAB back and forth between the game screen and this forum, or take a photo with your phone so you can write it here, or whatever other creative means.

Not to mention the version/build number being a white font with drop-shadows on top of a bright (almost white) background of stones with their own drop-shadows… making it a little hard to read.

So, I’d like to propose making the version/build number clickable on the game screen. When you click it, a tiny, subtle message briefly pops up, “Copied to clipboard;” or something like this. (Maybe a little, self-explanatory, clickable icon next to it instead is more preferable for some, as it would help explain/forewarn users before clicking anything.)

We don’t always have the time or energy to do the manual workarounds I mentioned above (well, at least I don’t), but I know the devs would probably always want the version/build number.

If the suggestion is not implemented, then I feel fewer bug reports are reported and there are likely delays in them being reported, on average. And also the extra time players are having to spend for the benefit of the game and community. (I’ve probably not done a bug report or two because of the tediousness and time involved with this one task; and have sometimes delayed reporting by days or a week+. As well, I’m sorry, but the last bug I reported didn’t have the version/build number in it because I was tired, about to go to bed, and had already spent a lot of time gathering the details (screenshots with markups, etc.) just in order to report it. I assumed by seeing the date in which I submitted and/or mentioned having the issue, that the devs would know what version/build it was.)


Bumping this one since it’s still a minor inconvenience that the version number is hard to read in-game, and it’d still be neat to click it to have it copy to clipboard. As well, maybe put a mostly-transparent panel (10% or 20% opaque) behind the numbers.

Fortunately, I’ve learned since I posted in Nov 2019 that, thankfully, you don’t need to remember or write down the entire huge version number when reporting a bug. Rather, you just need the 5-digit build # portion of it. But still…

I was reminded of this issue tonight when I had to grab the build # from this:

The 8 and the 3 in “44834” look very similar; they could almost be read as “33” at quick glance because the part I’ve highlighted in red below is flowing up and to the right with the brick’s edge in the background wallpaper, and the part I’ve highlighted in blue is white on a very bleached HDR-like background. Two key features that help make an 8 look like an “8” are practically washed away…


Also, I don’t know if it’s possible to grab the build # directly from the game’s properties panel in Steam somewhere, but it would be nice if it were someday possible to do so. I don’t see the build # showing in Steam anywhere.

This is the type of simple UI improvement I wanted to see on the Main Menu. Not a complete overhaul of the menu :wink:

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I am too lazy to look up this number. That wont change with a copy to clipboard feature. I just post ‘current’ or just dont answer that question at all. Steam auto update the game, so i am always on the current build. This is also needed for ranked. So i am sure that my bug report is for the current build. Then it is up to the devs to look at the date of my post and the bug report if they really need the number.

I never heard any complaints from the devs about this point at all. So my conclusion is: They dont really care.

I think devs must care because I’ve reported bugs since the beginning and have seen more and more wording/clarity being brought to the bug report template over time. Currently, it states this:

That opening sentence about the criticality of the info didn’t used to exist and/or has been completely revamped to try and make sure people do it.

I’ll just keep assuming it’s critical info and keep providing; hoping that it’ll someday the build # will be easier to grab. It is an inconvenience, though – for sure – especially if I don’t have the game running and need to launch it just to snag the number.

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