Suggestion: Villagers back to pre-work

All of us have managed to mess our vills up by clicking all of them by mistake and sending them all to do stuff we don’t want them to, in HD you could be able to ring the bell and unring it so that all your vills went back to work to do whatever they were doing before you messed up, it would be nice to have a similar option in DE.

How to reproduce:

  • Play normal game
  • Mess up and double click a villager and send it to attack or to build something
  • Rage
  • ???
  • Profit!

You mean some kind of a “go back to previous action” order (hotkey?)? This could be useful and should be implemented for all units.

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You can still ring the bell in DE. Select the Town Center and press B (default hotkey) or the bell icon.

I know I can ring the bell man, the thing I said is that you used to be able to ring and unring it to make villagers go back to their previous work when you missclicked them all.