[Suggestion] Villagers got unnecessarily too many weapons, no way to pick collor

Hello, i got an idea because some technic thinks in aoe4 can be better.

Im enjoying the villagers got now spear against wolfs, boars, but they got too many weapons: spear, dagger, bow, pickaxe hammer and axe.
I have only one small idea. Can you replace spear and dagger with hayfork (or pitchfork dont know english that good) so they melee defense themselfs with this against animals or military.
I think its good and more realistic idea for 4 part of aoe.

And next “problem” is there is no way to pick color in battle. Especially, the game is default set to render only red or yellow team (enemy/ally) its be good to make way to choose anyone color you want.

Boars are actually every powerful creatures. I recall there being accounts of them even killing hunter’s horses.

they did this for balance, boar is harvested very quickly and gives huge amounts of food (its like 2000 or 3000 food?) so its incredibly efficient source of food

dont forget you can kill boars with military units and still eat them. so for example with rus or french its really easy to kill boars with early knights

otherwise use about 6 or more vils at a time (with loom) to kill a boar, its easily worth the effort

if they reduce the stats on the boar it might become too easy of a food source

Ok, i was edit my topic. Thanks for replies.