Suggestion: Wait on queue until it finds opponents of similar rate

Hello everyone.

This topic is bringing a lot of frustration to our team and I believe it may apply to every team out there trying to have fun games.

We usually play 3v3 and 4v4 and it’s quite frequent that we wait 8/10 minutes for a match eventually being queued agaisnt opponents 1000 elo bellow… Then, we either resign at the start and wait maybe another 8 minutes for a better game or we play a 20/30 minutes game (sometimes more if people decide to hide villagers) which isn’t quite fun.

What I’d like to propose is either:

  • Let the players decide if they want to keep waiting for a similar elo game instead of automatically matching them with far lesser (or higher, because for low elo it’s also frustrating to not have a chance) rated players.
  • Allowing the team leader to decide from what elo would it be acceptable to get a game, example: match if opponent team has team rating superior to our team rating - 200. (i.e.: if our team has 1600 elo, would allow a match with all teams above 1400).

EDIT: this is also a problem for 1v1s, of course, and could be fixed the same way. We often see streams of top players being matched against people on a very different level and quickly requeueing.

So, what are your opinions on this?


@PattoN306 Cool bro then you can go play your FPS and we’ll stick to RTS, im sure there’s tons of FPS gamers wishing they could play AOE if only it was better (not). Contrary to your unfounded opinion, there are tons of mid to low elo aoe players in ranked.

RTS has always been limited because it takes a different kind of interest to want to play RTS, using something like COD to make AOE seem “less than” is pointless.

@PhoenixNomads it is sometimes rough bro, the work around is to keep rejoining the queue. The number of high elo ranked players does struggle and even more so if you’re doing an arranged team(there aren’t a lot of high elo players queuing up simultaneously for 3v3 to 4v4). If you keep rejoining the queue before 7min you’ll still end up having to wait the same time as if you stayed in queue until it found a suitable elo matching(hopefully they implement this option at some point)

The majority of the community is centred around 1000 elo. So the game isn’t dead at all. Its just not overflowing with super hard core competitive players. 1400 elo has a lot of players even. I never struggle for a game.


The steam stats are public. Its currently 4:30am Pacific Time. There are currently 8,156 players online with a daily peak of 13,034. It’s sitting comfortably in steam’s top 100.

You may want this game to fail, but it clearly isn’t failing.


Guys, please keep it relevant to the topic, this isn’t RTS vs FPS. The goal is to improve this game.

I like this game, I want to play AoE2 DE, not something else. I don’t care about battle royales or whatever…

I’m proposing better tools to this game to reduce frustration to the minumum, even if I have to wait 20 minutes for a game. That’s something that already happened in voobly to get decent games and something I find preferable to manually requeuing every 7 min…

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If those are actually the numbers, how many are actually playing ranked and multiplayer? Half those numbers or more could be playing Single player or campaign etc. Not to mention a chunk of this community only plays unranked. End of the day, the people playing ranked are a very small population, and it shows because the MM takes forever to find games for people. And more than half the team games are not even competitive.

What’s wrong with unranked? o.O Since you mentioned this game is failing or doesn’t have an active community, are you meaning to say that only the ranked population of the game has any meaning on if the game is good and has an active community or not?

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It’s now 1pm Pacific, still a good 3 hours short of the start of U.S. prime time hours and there are 12,094 people currently playing. I’m sure the overwhelming majority are playing single player, but according to there are roughly 620 ongoing online games and 33 unranked lobby games open. Conservatively I’d say it’s safe to say that more than 2,000 of the 12,094 people are playing online. Seems pretty healthy.

For comparison HD Edition currently has 7,727 players.


All I want is to have MS aware that the queue, as it is, is quite frustrating for a lot of players… Why is this turning into a debate about the healthiness of the game? :grimacing: :crazy_face: