Suggestions about Mangone's changes

Mangone’s AOE range was changed from 0.75 to 0.85 or 1. This makes it more threatening. Then reduce its movement speed from 0.75 to 0.7 (AOE range is 0.85) or 0.65 (AOE range is 1). This is more like a slow and powerful siege equipment.

My suggestion is make the f projectiles visible! They are impossible to see in the heat of battle (most siege has the same problem besides springs and bees)

That is probably a design choice that makes a lot of sense, because it wouldn’t mater if you could see the projectiles anyway. This mf uses auto targeting heat tracking laser guidance technology to chase down its targets to guarantee 100% hit rate. This is why the nest of bees were trash (its kinda still is) despite having more projectiles, because only ~20% actually hits and cause damage, heck even MAA can easily dodge.

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Due to the 100% hit rate, Mangonel is difficult to adjust to an appropriate strength, and it is easy to accidentally adjust to too strong or too weak. In my opinion, it’s supposed to penalize BLOB units, and has an extremely poor hit rate for moving units.

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Not at all. Being able to actually see the projectiles makes you aware of what is happening in the chaos of battle, so you can react and move your troops accordingly.
Nothing to do with mangonels accuracy.