Suggestions for 4 organ card Port

From 0-1250 elo ranges Port have <50% win rate, proving it is UP civ.

Now, there is what looks on a superficial level like contradicting evidence from 1250-1900+. In fact, the largest positive win rate from 50% baseline is at highest elo brackets, 1700-1900+. But to be reasonable one must look at the fact that the best player in the game, probably of all time (breeze brothers), heavily skews this % by playing port in a lot of games, including with 81% win rate on one account. Thus deducting false results coming from breeze performances, Port is actually shown to be UP at highest elo levels. And from middle elo ranged, 1250-1700, difference from 50% baseline is negligible.

Hence objectively speaking there are 3 category of results judging by win rate: (1) 0-1250 = Port UP, (2) 1250-1700 = Port balanced, (3) 1700-1900+ = Port UP. Majority of evidence weights on conclusion that Port is UP.

3 organ is not enough

Now I admit this is speculative but I propose that the main reason for why Port is UP is they cannot competitive with strong enough artillery early in the fortrtress (iii) age. As we know, cassadores are very difficult to sufficiently mass in a large enough amount due to excessive food demands on settler production + the extreme high food cost of the cassador. Thus, to compete in RI/Cannon war Port is forced to rely on cannons.

Of course, it is not usually to produce cannons early given the high cost, and thus like in many matchup the cannon shipment is integral for the balance and play considerations and potentials.

Thus I have highlighted some important facts: (a) Port is UP, (b) in general principle, cannon shipment is integrally important for balance.

Hence naturally it is the place to look for the reason for [a] (that is, why is Port UP?) in their fortress (iii) cannon shipment. Here you will notice Port has only 3 organ gun shipment as their equivalent to 2 falconet of many other civilization.

Hence, I propose for the balance consideration to be improved to make the 3 organ shipment a 4 organ gun shipment.

This should enable Port to compete more fairly on an equal basis in early fortress in many matchups and increase the balance of the game.


just lol if you think about what ports has received in the last months

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Port have a 50% to 48% win rate sub 1550 and usually something can be within a few pts of 50% to be balanced. Definetly not up
Organs are roughly 2/3s a falc and stat as such
Port ff is strong and their best timings are around the 3 organ card.

I dont think ports need buffed organs especially the card.

As a port main I don’t think a 4 Organ Gun shipment is a good idea.

3 Organs > 2 falcs.

If anything I could see shifting the cost of Cassadors to 75f and 45c with a very small stats buff to compensate for the slight cost increase. Maybe +1 ranged attack.

I mean no disrespect if this post is legit, but in reality, 3 organs is a better shipment than 2 falcs even with the gold cost. Especially considering how easily Port can FF safely because of two TCs. See—the target lock feature is incredible, and the fact that you have 3 units (two culvs will kill 2 falcs easier than 3 organs unless they are spaced well. There is more damage output in the three organ guns, especially vs infantry which is what you need in early age 3 when the shipment usually comes.

The logic of weighing the 0-1250 ELO more heavily is flawed. Balance changes affect the higher levels way more than lower levels of ELO. Low levels have many mistakes being made on both sides that swing the game much more than balance changes. Because of this, balance changes go top ELO down with some consideration for middle ELO.

Your objective data says that Ports are a harder civ for noobs to play well. This does not equate to Ports being underpowered. It just means that there is a slightly higher learning curve to the civ, but can be played just as well as other civs once the player becomes decent.

4 Organs would totally break Ports for mid and high ELOs. We should not be breaking civs for noobs.


Ports need their 5% hunting bonus back, nothing else.

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This is a terrible suggestion

If you have difficulty to mass caçadores, ship 8 and 7, and train dragoons instead (less food intensive). You can add barracks later.

Everyone will tell you that 4 OG is too op… not a lot of thought was put in this suggestion

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