Suggestions for best pro series to watch?

Basically just the title, was wondering what what people would recommend as the best / most entertaining / thrilling series of aoe2 to watch? I think I’ve seen people recommend Hera vs viper in hidden cup 3 a lot before but wondering what else is up there in the must watch category ?


I started keeping a small document with especially good matches some years ago, but between me forgetting about it and a few matches being untraceable now (I had a really fun 2v2 world cup match for instance between some of the less well known teams, but it seems the only place where is was ever uploaded was T90’s Twitch backlog) I basically have gathered just 3 recommendations in that document.

1 The first Battle of Africa, April 2018. There were a lot of good matches, but as TyranT had been a bit lackluster the best of them all was probably Aftermath vs SY in the semifinals.
Expert 3v3 - AfterMath vs SY - Best of 5 [BoA Semis] - YouTube (Note, the link is to the T90 cast, a real fan of BoA of course goes looking for the stream tournament host MembTV did.)
But wait, bonus, when TyranT got to the final after all, we got to see a very different side of the team.
I have to type this here manually so the description doesn’t spoil the previous match.

2 Mr Yo vs Liereyy | King of the Desert 3 Semifinal #2 (Best of 7), October 2020
Mr Yo had kicked Viper from the tournament in the last round. It happened a few more times since, but at the time this was sensational. But then he goes up against Liereyy. Not to put too much of a spoiler on it, but my notes said that the last game of this set is particularly good.
Mr Yo vs Liereyy | King of the Desert 3 Semifinal #2 (Best of 7) - YouTube (See the note after the first link, it seems my favorite tournament organiser is Memb, even if his casting style isn’t my favorite. He has a nose for good maps and settings.)

3 Final of T90 Titans League 1 Vinchester vs Villese, August 2022
This one is very recent, basically I remembered I had this document again. After game 3 things get nuts.
TTL | GRAND FINAL! - YouTube (If I type something here it gets formatted as a link rather than an in-post video.)

Those are the recommendations I have.

I might peek back into this thread a few times to see if I can collect a few more entries that way. Good idea for a thread.


If you want something fresh and revelant these days, look at ACCM vs Nicov series from yesterday. A lesson of how to play Empire Wars from 2 legends of the game, that are both in great moments of theirs carreers


got a link to where you can watch it?

If you don’t mind mildly old, GL and WWP had nomad showmatches roughly a year ago that I found very entertaining.

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Just finished another one I got pretty hyped at. JonSlow hosted a tournament with a bunch of more closed Arena-style maps called Wallhalla. I’m usually a pretty “feudal aggression, open maps, go go go” kind of person, but I really enjoyed the best of 5 quarterfinals between TheViper and TaToH (september 2022). Haven’t seen any other matches yet, am going to at least look up the finals.
TheViper vs TaToH | Wallhalla Quarterfinals Best of 5 - YouTube (Text to keep this a link, also a good place to mention that this is Dave’s cast. I did look for JonSlow’s own cast to post it here, but it doesn’t seem to be up on Youtube yet.)
Game 3 even includes a pretty big play involving Herbal Medicine, so this one goes out to @HealFortress, who might enjoy a set like this too.