Suggestions for improving ranked game experience

Okay, so I will just skip the introduction part, because I think everyone will get the idea:

There are currently two main kind of ranked ganemodes, the standard one and the deathmatch modes. My suggestion is to rotate the second gamemode once a month, after each big update : Instead of it being deathmatch always, let it be empire wars, regicide, sudden death, and many more gamemodes the game has, while it is always changing. What do you think?


For most people RM is the standard game mode. There is also a (much smaller) community who play DM only. So i dont like rotating DM with other game modes. I think there need to be a fixed place for the DM community.

I would like it if we can have match making for other game modes. Maybe add it as third option. I do see a big issue: How does the rating work if the game mode change for every month? Empire wars is played different than sudden death. So the ELO doesnt really transfer from one game mode to another.

Then what about the players who only like empire wars or regicide? The common ground is the rotation of the gamemodes. It would be also much better for the players who like all of the game modes (and this “community” is surely bigger one) and just got bored of deathmatch for example.

Adding a third option is a short-term solution and would also likely to split the playerbase.

Just have a leaderboard for all gamemodes.

DM is a completely different animal than RM. Mixing Elo between the two systems will lead to some very unbalanced matchups if a player likes to go between them.

I don’t play DM personally, but a lot of existing players love it and would be upset to see it go. Not to say that the devs wouldn’t implement a change like that; they have certainly taken actions that I don’t think the community would have ever agreed upon.

So to sum up, do I think it should be swapped out? No.

Could I see them doing it? At this point I really could see them doing anything to the game.

I understand his idea different. For me he meant a ranking for each game mode. This isnt good either: If you have some game mode only once in a year, the rating isnt accurate. So it is useless.

I know ZeroEmpires made a vid about improving match maker. He suggested to added like a Brawl mode, like he called it. It was something next to RM and DM. I can imagine such can be good. I dont really know how the rating will works for such mode.

Note: I dont like all ideas, it is just to show brawl mode.

Yea i think the current matchmaking keeps most of the DM players away and they went back to voobly and HD. I know when i play thats where i go because its so hard to get quality DM games on DE :frowning: and im not the only one…