Suggestions for new and/or changes to features

Here are some changes/additions which might be cool to see in the game:

  1. share command of units in team games
    add a toggle in-game where you can give control of your units to teammates
    Also maybe give ability to use friendly villager to build one of their civ building using your own resources (to prevent a bit trolling)
    and maybe add in settings menu default starting value for the toggle for Ranked/Quick Match/Custom games
  2. units spawn from building in the direction of the rally flag instead of their default output point
  3. rams/siege towers change the button to empty garrison to work the same way it does with town centers/outposts/forts so that it is more responsive (I really feel like this is very annoying, the way it works right now)
  4. For Mongols, make unpacking a building a higher priority for units so that it is less of a hassle and maybe change the unit menu for packed buildings to look more like a building menu so that you can better target what you want to build and where
    I feel like this quality of life change is really needed
  5. Give siege towers the ability to “siege” walls. The idea is to basically put a siege tower on a stone wall and it works as a direct entry point for the wall. That way they might see actual use in games and not be a hassle to get units in and out of them.
    *Also maybe to recreate their historical purpose as a tower which archers used to fire from (like outpost)
    Resizable minimap (Maybe even to be able to customize size, size of icons, visibility and so on)
  6. The ability to connect wooden and stone walls to each other and this to work also with friendly walls.

I’d like to hear your opinion about this. I feel like these are some quality of life changes that might make the game feel better to play. Also the change for siege towers might actually make them useful.
Also on the first point, I’ve seen it done in sc2 and wc3 and there it is a great feature (without the build stuff with another’s villager)

the fact this wasnt there from the start is beyond me. they did it in previous titles, how hard is it to implement now? so weird

agree on all the rest. im not too bothered on wood to stone, it would be a nice QOL, but not needed if too hard to implement.

team walling is a must though


That is coming in season 4, though maybe not with the extra features you mention:

“Starting in Season Four, you’ll will have the ability to resize your minimap to one of the following options: 100% (default), 125% and 150%.”

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