Suggestions for new maps for map pool next month for Team Game

For this month Team Map, all Team Mapare actually two 2v2 instead of 4v4. You can argue that 2v2 is still a team game. However if I want to play a 2v2 game, I would simply quene for 2v2 instead of 4v4.

I think there should be at least one “Team Map” like Lombardia, Hill Fort, Amazon tunnel and Team Moats, given the name that it is called Team Game, which allow 4 players in a team battle with 4 players in another team, instead of just two separated 2v2.


  • Yes. There would be at least one Team Map in the Team Game rotation
  • no

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I totally agree. Give that the majority of the Team Game are played in 3v3 and 4v4, there should be at least one Team Map available for in Team Game Rank Map rotation :+1:t6:

You totally agree with… yourself?


Arabia, Blackforest, Arena and Nomad were THE maps for playing team games for the last 20-ish years. All of them made it in this map pool and all of these are suited for 4v4’s. So i have no idea what your issue is with this map pool. All other maps are suited for 4v4 as well.

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why exactly don’t you think any of these maps are ‘team’ maps?
I can kind of see this argument for oasis and hideout, but on open maps this seems like a strange statement

Yes I think the poll needs a third options named “I don’t agree with the premise”.


This is one of the best map pools ever

What? I haven’t said anything about oasis and hide out. Not sure how your post is related to mine.