Suggestions for new maps for map pool next month

I thougth i read DM has now its own map pool. I looked in game: No it didnt. They just have the same as RM…

Only thing that changed is that you can have different bans for RM and DM.

From what I understand the changes aren’t in the map selection but in the scripting, so in dm there isn’t sheep and boars, for instance. I think that’s what they mean by considering the specifics of particular game modes (didn’t check it, though).

Dont know what happend, but know i do see different maps for DM. They arent the same as for RM.

I usually only play a few hours on weekends. Two weeks are totally fine to me. It is not too long and not too short. I like this change.

I have some other requests about the poll :

  1. Please don’t pin anything. Just let people be able to vote multiple maps. If people love Arabia or Blackforest , they will vote themselves.
  2. The 4 maps decided by the devs should contain at least 1 open map, 1 close map, 1 hybrid map and 1 water/migration map. And devs decided map should be diffetent every rotation.
  3. Let people have more choices. Bring all the standard maps in the archive into the poll.
  4. Let people vote in the game.


It’s fine as it is. Pinned maps are there because they would get chosen by players anyway and those who would vote for them can now vote for other maps.

Pinned maps, dev choices and community choices are in a good balance and this is the closest you can get to please the majority of players.

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Yeah, i really like this system. We all know what to expect. There are some fixed maps, we already know the choices of the devs and given all that info, we are allowed to pick the last 3 maps.

Only thing i hope it that they dont stop with the standard maps, currently in the poll, but also branch out to other community made maps of ongoing tournaments for example.

How can you be so sure? If what you think is true, the result will be unchanged giving people addtional votes and unpin the pinned maps. So you don’t need to worry about it at all. But what if it is not true?

There are indeed many people love Blackforest, but many of them stay in the lobby and only play with friends. And there are also many people dislike this map. If we really bring Blackforest in the poll as an option, I think the result might be interesting…

You still want to maintain some level of competetiveness in the map pool. I’m also pretty sure that arabia will always be voted in but even the option of not having it in the map pool will be scary enough to set it fix there. Imagine the drama happening if ara wasn’t in the pool. If the devs want to keep pro players (and a lot of others in the community) on their side, they have to make sure people can play ara. This was one of the main reasons why they introduced the prefered map option, to begin with.

Proved by the history of the game and the many requests for more Arabia games at this forum.

It could just be a vical minority which can’t prove anything.

Even if we really lose Arabia for two weeks, it is not the end of world. We still have Ghost lake and Valley…:slightly_smiling_face:

I think the current way the map pool is made, makes it a good map pool.

I would still suggest some other changes as well:

  • I would love to see some maps from ongoing tournaments in the current map pools. Maybe as picks from the devs or otherwise as part of the voting poll, so we can vote for those maps.
  • I see still no voting for DM, why dont we have voting for DM?

I am not really into DM, so i dont really care about the second point.

Again the devs missed the opportunity to use some tournament maps in the map pool. Microsoft is even the big sponsor of KotD3. Why dont they use KotD3 Arabia as replacement of the current Arabia in the map pool during the event?

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Not sure but would be good to add at least one real world map?

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No, they are way too big and certain spawn are unfaor compare to the others

The devs still miss the opportunity to add tournament maps to the map pool. To me it seems like a popular request. I see many other threads about this subject too.

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Recent months we have seen the same maps in the map pool over and over again. There arent much surprises anymore.

I would love to some new maps in the next months again. I really like the idea of putting maps from ongoing tournaments into the map pool. And other idea is to have a monthly map contest. We as players can vote on those custom maps and the winner will become part of the map pool.

For the voting on the map pool itself i would suggest putting this into the game and make it hidden. This way everyone is able to vote (not only those with an account here) and you cant really vote strategically.


Recently we got new maps. Are these maps clones of tournament maps? Or are the completely new?

I really hope the devs will put great maps from ongoing tournaments into the game and also into the map pool.

You are right, Arabia, Arena and hideouts at least need to be swapped out

Tournament maps are really fun most of the time, im very glad they added some compies of some tournament maps into the game over time, and i’d love to see more!

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I heard that many of the RBW maps will make it to DE as official maps (people have seen this in the PUP).
It would be great if we can also play these maps in the ranked EW queue which will happen in the next patch. That sounds really great to me.

Maybe these RBW maps for EW are also great for 1v1s. It would be great if we can vote for these maps as well in RM ranked for that reason.

If the devs are really adding these maps to the EW map pool, then they seems to finally listen to this suggestion :slight_smile: