Suggestions for new maps for map pool next month

We all know every month the map pool got changed. What maps would you see next month?

I would love it if the match the maps in the map pool somewhat to the ongoing tournaments. Now we have BoA2 with some nice open maps. It would be great if we can some just 1-2 back into the map pool.

It sounds really fun to me if we can play the same maps as the pros do in tournaments.

I heard about someone suggesting Land Nomad. It could be easily swapped with just normal nomad. Just to add some variance to the no TC start experience.

What are your suggestions?


Change arabia with trade nothing.


Take out arena and black forest. African waters would be super cool to se. Also, some water map. I hope we get at least 10 maps


You trolling?! :joy:

Trolling nothing? :smiley:

I would also love if the map pool is more towards what most players like.

We kinda have 3 types of maps: Open, closed and hybrid.

1v1 pool:
Open: Arabia and Serengeti
Closed: Arena and Hill Fort
Hybrid: Four Lakes, Islands, Golden Swamp, Nomad and MegaRandom

Team pool:
Open: Arabia
Closed: Black Forest, Arena, Hill Fort, Oasis
Hybrid: Nomad, MegaRandom, Golden Swamp, Scandinavia

Note: The place of some maps is pretty much debatable.

1v1: We have 2 open maps, 2 closed maps and 5 hybrid maps.
Team: We have 1 open map, 4 closed maps and 4 hybrid maps.

What does the community whats?
1v1: I would go for 5 open maps, 2 closed maps and 2 hybrid maps.
Team: I would go for 4 open maps, 3 closed maps and 2 hybrid maps.
(note: This is my opinion based on the post is read)

In recent months they changed 3 out of 9 maps. If they do this again next month:

  • I hope the change 3 hybrid maps to 3 open open maps for 1v1
  • and for teamgames i hope they change 1 closed map and 2 hybrid maps to 3 open maps.

I also wanna suggest different map pools for RM and DM. Above i was talking about RM. If we talk about RM, i think you dont wanna play closed maps. I would go for 6 open maps and 3 hybrid maps or even 7 open maps and 2 hybrid maps. I am not into DM, so i dont reallyl wanna suggest maps, but i dont think having maps like nomad (vills all over the island) and Hill fort (no real space for buildings) make really sense to DM. Also MegaRandom can have some really bad maps for DM.


I was suspecting much more discussion about maps we like we made it into the next map pool. Maybe players seems to complain about the map pool, because they dont like maps. Then there is a thread in which we can tell the devs what kind of maps they like and almost no one come up with some maps they want to see next week.

This are some other ideas. I dont like all those maps in the list, but i do think some of them are pretty fun to play if they are part of the map pool. Also these maps are part of a tournament in the coming months. So adding some of these maps to the map pool makes tournaments more immersive.

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  • Arabia
  • Arena
  • Bog Islands
  • Continental
  • Golden Pit
  • Hill Fort
  • Kilimanjaro
  • MegaRandom
  • Mountain Pass

New 1v1 pool. I dont really know how i feel about this maps. I think they need to swap MegaRandom out, some months ago. I think this is the first ban of many players.
Number of water maps is decreased, so that is good, i think. I dont know if Bog Islands and Continental are the best maps, so we will see.
I like the nomad map, so ashame it is gone. We do have another no-TC start map, so we will have a look. I think we will see less persian mirror on that map. So maybe we see more variaty in the civ picks on the new no-TC start map.

Still no maps from the ongoing tournaments. I would still love to add those to the map pool. Devs missed that opportunity. Maybe next month?

  • Arabia
  • Arena
  • Black Forest
  • Hill Fort
  • Lombardia
  • MegaRandom
  • Nomad
  • Scandinavia
  • Wolf Hill

I really dont know if Wolf Hill is a good or bad map. Seems like way to much relics in the center. On the other had, for team games you have trade, so relics are less important. I also dont know how open this map is. I woudl like to swap Wolf Hill or MegaRandom for another open map in the map pool.

I do not understand the decision making here regarding the map pool.

Serengetti was more played than Hill Fort
Mega Random is one of the least played maps (sub 5%)

I thought they had taken out Nomad, just to see Mountain Pass added. Why?? Extended Dark Age and RNG doesnt seem to be what players want, considering the below 4% play rate of Nomad.


Regarding tourney’s maps on the rotation – heavily aggressive maps on TG ladder unfortunately can make the game very imbalanced. Some maps require coordination that you simply do not find on TG Ladder with random teammates. ■■■■, most times I cant even get a ‘gl hf’ back.

Just bring back the very first map pool:

[Open land map]
Ghost lake

[Close land map]

[Hybrid map]

[Water map]

And cancel the map ban.

The current map pool is great for DM :laughing:
It really helps to grow the DM community!

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This was a fun game to watch, although not typical DM :smiley:

Let’s have a look at the new map pool:


Gold Rush
Four Lakes

The number of bans is decreased to 3. I think this is pretty good map pool that reflects the preferences of players. 1 full water map, 1 hybrid map and 5 maps ranged from very closed (Arena) to very open (Acropolis). Seems pretty solid to me. Also most maps are pretty solid. I think Gold rush will get most of the hate. I think the other maps are pretty good. Note: If you like them or not is something else. For example: Islands is just a good map, but i dont like the map. Probably my only ban.

Team map pool seems also pretty decent. Migrations seems to be much more a nice team game map, but i wouldnt mind if they would add that map to the 1v1 pool as the full water or hybrid map. I also like cenotes for 1v1 at one point in time.

Bad 1v1 pool due to the narrowed size of the pool and lack of hybrid and water maps.

Bad team pool because Nomad and Black forest are still there. Migration is a fun map though.

Bad pools still.
Wake up devs.

You have to consider that there is a huge community arround Nomad. So ranked should also be available for them. I’m not sure about BF. If you ask me. That could go and is the first ban a I’ll use.

I like the pools. There could be another water or Hybrid map for TG but the 1v1 pool looks really good to me.
It’s a mix of open and closed maps. While Four Lakes is a bit of a Hybrid map and Islands is always nice to have available.

I’m happy with the pools. And I’m glad MegaRandom is no longer available.

You will never get a map pool in which everyone likes every maps.

If you have a look at the stats of the play rates of every map, the current map pool (for 1v1) make really sense. It is really diverse, so everyone will find some good maps. Also the design of the maps is good. So no complaints about that. Note that closed, hybrid and water maps are the least liked maps by the whole community. It is just logical the numer of that kind of maps will decrease.

Not really playing team games, but for sure Arabia, Black Forest en Nomad will stay. Those are kinda the standard maps at HD and Voobly. You can hate them (i dont like BF too), but i dont think you can say those maps dont belong to the map pool.

The BF community is way bigger then the Nomad community. Based on some stats of voobly, it was around 30% of the games was BF, 10% was Nomad. HD will have probably around the same stats.

Like i said: I dont like that map too, but is defenitely deserve it place in the map pool. For team games i also like to ban BF.

I agree with your idea, for me the main idea will be:

Immovable maps: Arabia, Arena, megarandom
Extra open map (only 1): Serengeti, kilimanjaro, land madness, etc
Extra water map (only 1): any map with more water than ground
Extra closed map (only 1): hide out, hill fort or another.
Extra hybrid map (only 1): four likes, continental, golden swamp.
Extra tournament map: Any map that be frecuently in a tournament.

And four bans

I only suggest for 1 vs 1 because , only play this game mode.

Ty no, I like closed maps, open maps, hybrid maps but not continental, golden spawm, kilimanjaro and hill fort :face_vomiting:

So you really had a great time with the previous map pool, right?^^ (I can relate to that btw)

I really like the recent changes to the map:

  • Voting for the map pool, so we have some influence on the maps in the map pool.
  • Different maps for RM and DM (since the new patch today!).

I still just miss one thing:
I hope that the map pool is influenced by the ongoing tournaments, so i hope the devs pick some of those as their picks in the map pool or they just add some of the maps of the ongoing tournaments into the polls.

A slightly second point: I think 2 weeks is pretty quick. Not every one plays this game every day for some hours. Sometimes you dont have a change to play all maps in a map pool and the map pool will already be changed. Also playing a map just once isnt enough for having a solid build for that map. You really need to play a map sometimes to get used to it. I would suggest changing the frequency to 3 or even 4 weeks for every map pool.