Suggestions for the Dark Age and Feudal Age

These days, I find many players want to play faster during the early period of a match. They claims many suggestions about Dark and Feudal. So, I decided introduce them here.

  1. Start from the Feudal Age on random maps
  2. Reduce the required Food 500 --> Food 300 to the Feudal Age
  3. Reduce the required Food 800 and Gold 200 --> Food 500 and Gold 100 to the Castle Age
  4. Half the HP of buildings during Dark and Feudal
  5. Half the HP of Wild Boars and similar ones
  6. Enable Villagers to gather Food on animals killed by military units
  7. Make Boars and similar ones attack back to the military unit only when it is right next to them – to prevent Boar stealing
  8. Double the building speed of a tower in the Feudal
  9. Remove wile predators on random maps

Most of your suggestions would really alter how the game is played. I dont think these changes are needed. If you want to start in feudal age, then play empire wars. If you only want late game battles, then play deathmatch. So there is no need to really alter the early game for random map.

In my opinion we dont need quicker dark age / feudal age. I would love to see more all in feudal wars and things like that. Random map is already becoming more and more about the late game, instead of the early stages, because defending is most more prophitable then attacking.


No. There is Empire Wars for that. Devs should included in Ranked mode.

I don’t know. I think this would be rushes or tower rushes too deadly.

I would do just the opposite. Make Castle Age more expensive, or more researching time.

The rest I think no

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Wow! So much resources saved on uptomes are making 0 sense and half the building hp for buildings is very bad because scouts will enter ur base rlly fast and get a lot of kills while also having forging and defense armour at second minute of feudal age. This is the most broken aoe i have ever heard of, i dont like it.

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I suggest for you to go play aoe1 or DM games, none of your suggestions make any sense, they are laughable actually


I wouldn’t mind having this as a Chaos map/mode similar to megarandom.

I guess an alternative would be to start with more workers, like starcraft 2.