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Heya! Long time AOE player (aoe1 onwards)

I think there’s a couple of logical improvements that can be done to improve gameplay a lot with little improvements.

1st, Abbasids House of Wisdom, it’s not displayed on the left hand side above the build menu (similar to say the dynasty of China) - having a display there for Abbasid could be clickable and takes you to the house of wisdom if double clicked, or just single clicked to select the building (to access upgrades) - while also displaying how many buildings are currently within it’s influence (for golden ages) - at the moment you’ve gotta first find the building and then highlight the building count to work out how many more is needed for the next.

So, TLDR for that one, selectable button - 1 click = select H.O.W. and 2 click = go to. While also within button showing how many buildings within it’s influence.

2nd, the automatch lobby, should be able to talk to allies there, instead of everyone. can let them know your strategy, so they can select civ, or vice versa… also, during the load screen - not possiible to have a chat during that? - and, during that load screen - why not have the current matches details there? (at least the current map you’re about to play)

3rd, selectable colours, this is a no brainer - it’s a must in RTS.

4th, the post game stats, should display the civ of the player while you’re looking at the stats, so you can see what civ did what, without having to flick back to the first page over and over.

5th, random civ as an option…

6th, custom games, option to hide civs (like the somewhat new addition to aoe2) such a great idea.

7th, patrol, units don’t have patrol in aoe4… why?! patrol has always been such a big part of RTS

8th, with the patch about to be released, there’s now a large divide between ELO’s. I average around 1200-1300 ELO. 800-1100 is pretty new or novice, 1100-1300 is average/above average, and so on… I feel like the patch’s ELO change is already live, getting games with 800-900 ELO players paired with 1400 ELO players… 400-500 ELO difference, the game isn’t enjoyable for anyone… the noobs get squashed, and the pro HAS to carry, or risk losing ELO because of noob tier allies.

TLDR: ELO gap too wide, I’m sure people would rather wait an extra 30s-1m or so, to get a fair game, when a game lasts at least 15-20mins usually… than to be paired with someone well above their skill level - frustration all round…

9th, Abbasid’s lack of landmarks is made up for it via the very strong house of wisdom, however, you lose influence from the house of wisdom if you try to wall it. with landmark sniping being such a thing, i think and feel that the Abbasid are at a major disadvantage here as most civs are now walling a landmark to counter the snipes.

10th, I did the groundwork and tested Delhi’s temples, priests etc - to work out how many priests/temples is the sweet spot. Essentially it’s 4 temples full, for the best R/R, after that diminishing returns is no longer worth it. Why is that kinda information not readily available for something that’s so key to the Civ?

Key data thats relevant to the uniqueness of the civ? Seems odd that info like that isn’t readily available.

11th, like the 10th, it would be good to know what is actually improving when you upgrade a unit from say Spearman to Veteran Spearman… when you highlight the upgrade, it only tells you the cost… doesn’t tell you the before/after stats.

I am sure people would really appreciate data, critical data like that.

If not, what is the logic in ‘not’ supplying that? Is that what makes the difference between a pro and a rookie? the pro does the work and works it out?

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

I hope some/all of these will be at least considered if not implemented. Thanks AOE for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Long time player, first time poster.

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Patrol is coming back don’t worry :slight_smile: , in spring update they said

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Oh fantastic. thanks for the response !

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