Suggestions On Units Balance And Gameplay


Units do not feel responsive. idk why but it feels terrible to control. if there is an animation/turn/attack delay please remove it. when I order a unit to attack another unit in range the damage dealt/projectile shot should be instant. when I order a unit to move in the opposite direction they should instantly move in that direction. biggest problem I have with the beta.

Town centers should have a bonus vs armored.

Monks with relics need to do more and convert faster.

Villagers need less hit points but additional ranged armor, increased with the textiles upgrade. they are too hard to kill with melee but way too easy to kill with ranged units. its causing a twisted meta state.


Infantry need more hit points in general, they die too fast and its making the balance between archer/cav/infantry weird.

Spearmen need additional health, especially in castle/imperial age. torch damage should also be increased, especially against siege to help ward off age 2 ram pushes when prepared. their charge should stun cavalry when attacking them from the rear/side to make raiding and hit/run more risky.

Increase Landsknecht hp by 50-75% and see the results. its way too low currently, increase cost or reduce another stat if need be.

Men at arms are slightly too strong in age 1-2 and far too weak in age 3-4, especially 4. reduce their damage in age 1-2 and greatly increase their health in age 3-4, with a significant boost to age 4 health.


Revert the change to ranged units being able to focus fire while under melee attack. it weakens melee engagements on ranged units too much.

Improve Archer rate of fire, reduce their damage, and change their bonuses to extra damage vs “ranged” and “light melee infantry”. this way they more clearly counter other ranged units like crossbows and camel archers while doing less damage to horsemen and knights.

Longbowmen already have palings and the campfire upgrade as well as council hall, their stats should be identical to archers except for range.

Crossbowmen should have less damage but a greater bonus vs armored. they shouldn’t replace archers as generalists.


Horsemen should have an improved rate of fire and bonus vs “ranged” in exchange for reduced damage. they are too good as generalist while not being good enough vs ranged, and its causing a weird balance in unit classes.

                                      Nest Of Bees

consider reverting their projectiles per burst nerf, it looks way worse. maybe reduce projectile damage and give them a bonus vs light, I just would like it reverted because the original looked awesome.

thanks for reading.